Watch video: Riparian management led by the landscape

In this webinar on climate adaptation Boy Possen and Stefan Ploum discussed the design of banks along streams and rivers in the Netherlands and Sweden. How do we deal with landscape design around these waters and how do we control the interaction between these components? Do we try to adapt the landscape to the desired function or do we work with the landscape? 

Boy Possen is an ecohydrologist at Brabant Water and previously worked at Stichting Bargerveen and Royal HaskoningDHV. He talked about the interaction between water resources, flood safety, water quality and 'how to slow the flow'.

Stefan Ploum is soil and water consultant at Aequator and recently obtained his PhD on the interaction between groundwater and surface water. He talked about how the capillaries of streams can provide significant ecohydrological improvements to the system in Sweden. 

Below you will find the video and the sheets. 

Watch the video (1 hour, Nederlands ondertiteld)


Stefan Ploum

Aequator Groen & Ruimte · Full-time

Adviseur Bodem en Water

Boy Possen

Brabant Water



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